A new plan aims to break down the barriers to young Israeli Arabs playing their full part in Israel's tech industry.

"Half of the Arab sector hasn't been learning remotely, because there’s no infrastructure. If in Nazareth you can only order a 15-megabyte line - which actually means 5 megabytes at most -how am I going to get three computers connected so my children can learn from home on Zoom?" So says Hans Shakur, Business Development Manager of NGO Tsofen, which works to encourage high-tech and entrepreneurship in the Arab sector. "There’s a lack of internet lines and computers to meet current needs, and I'm not even talking about five years from now."

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IsraelN.com Comments:

Israel has a number of economic goals, which encouraging Arabs to join the high salary high tech world, would help solve.

Firstly, Israel suffers from a shortage of quality high tech workers.

Secondly, the Arab population, which always complains of racism and glass ceilings, needs to take advantage of participation in the high tech workforce, where meritocracy is the rule, and there are even Arab senior executives and CEOs, in Israel.

Also, Jerusalem has Israel's largest Arab population, so this will have a dramatic impact on this city.

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